Mountain Climbing

Up Among the Clouds

Snow- and ice-capped peaks, unspoiled alpine lakes, and magnificent fauna and flora—one of the best ways to experience the Rocky Mountains is to climb them. From the summits of the Lizard Range, there is no better view of our little piece of paradise here in British Columbia. And you won’t find a more comfortable base camp than our resort in Fernie for luxurious relaxation after your mountaineering expeditions. With spacious, 3,600-square-foot accommodations, including a master suite with a queen bed, two additional bedrooms, a full kitchen and dining room, and a 1,200-square-foot basement entertainment room, you can rest in modern luxury while you plan the next day’s excursion.

To Touch the Sky

From deep inside the dense wilderness above Fernie, you’ll discover the trailhead that ascends sharply and traverses the ridges of the Canadian Rockies along Heiko’s Trail to the summit of the Three Sisters, the highest peak (9,147 ft.) visible from Fernie. This is a difficult-to-extreme climb up a scree slope, but the spectacular views of the Elk Valley are reward enough for your cautious exertion. For a multi-day hike, you can leave your room at The Qanuk and access the lifts to take the Island Lake Trailhead toward the Three Sisters. Depending upon snow, this is a beautiful backpacking hike in Fernie from late June to September.

A Host of Trails

Our resort in Fernie lies in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. Everywhere you look, there are any number of peaks, many of them just waiting to be climbed. This is rugged country when you get up high into thinner air, and many of the climbs require some technical skill and knowledge of mountaineering. From Mount Fernie to Mount Hosmer, the approach to many of the peaks are steep ascents, sometimes over boulders or scree. But the Lizard and Crowsnest ranges also have hundreds of alpine trails that offer easier immersion into the alpine reaches in this neck of the woods. Here in our little patch of paradise, Nature has something for everyone.

Our resort in Fernie offers a mountain climbing adventure, and are just a stone’s throw from fine dining and a superb brewery in our historic mountain town. Contact us today to book your extended stay at The Qanuk, and enjoy all the comforts of getting away from it all to explore the glorious secrets of the Canadian Rockies. The mountains are calling to you—will you answer them?