About  Dr. Sharp

Dr. Sharp’s Story

Amie, more formally recognized as Dr. Sharp, is a notable individual with an impressive background in the educational sector. She has dedicated a significant portion of her life to academic pursuit, ultimately achieving a PhD in Education, a testament to her tenacity and passion for learning.

Professionally, Amie has led an enriching career, specializing in providing educational assistance to children with special needs. Her love for her job as a special education teacher was palpable, and it was a role she cherished for two decades. Her vast experience in this specialized field allowed her to make a profound impact on many young lives before she decided to retire recently.

Despite her retirement, Dr. Sharp continues to channel her nurturing nature into a cause close to her heart: the care and protection of feral cats. She has been an active volunteer at various cat clinics, offering her assistance to veterinarians. Amie’s unique specialty lies in facilitating anesthesia for the felines, a crucial role that enables the veterinarians to perform operations smoothly and efficiently.

Amie’s work doesn’t stop at the clinic. She often opens her home to kittens in need, fostering, and even adopting those who would otherwise be homeless. Her profound love for these creatures goes beyond mere words and is demonstrated through her constant efforts to provide them with a loving home.

Home for Amie is a picturesque property situated on the outskirts of a town in Northern Colorado. This three-acre piece of land is surrounded by other large plots, forming a sprawling sanctuary for her cats to freely explore and revel in the wonders of nature. It’s a perfect haven for these felines, offering them an expansive, secure territory where they can thrive and be themselves.

The Family

dog in snow

Apart from her professional pursuits and philanthropic activities, Amie also enjoys a fulfilling personal life. She has been happily married for over three decades. Together with her husband, she has raised three incredible sons, including a pair of twins. All three of her children, alongside her husband, are actively involved in the family business, signifying the strong bond and unity within the family. Despite her numerous roles, Amie’s unwavering commitment to both her family and the community serves as an inspiration for many.