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Welcome to Amie’s Cat Tales, a unique online sanctuary curated by a devoted cat enthusiast. Amie, is a passionate cat lover who has rescued and nurtured dozens of cats over the years, providing them with a loving home and second chances at life. This website encapsulates her journey, showcases her cat stories, and is a tribute to her unconditional love for these majestic creatures.

Dive into an assortment of stories from Amie’s personal cat-raising experience and meet the many feline characters that have graced her life. From whisker-filled antics to touching rescue tales, Amie’s Cat Tales has everything a cat lover would enjoy reading. Each story captures the unique personalities of her cats and the indelible marks they’ve left on her heart. Keep in mind that while most stories are brilliant and beautiful, there are some tear-jerkers as well.

Amie’s Cat Tales also serves as a platform for fellow cat lovers to share their own experiences. We believe that every cat has a story to tell and we invite you to share yours. Connect with a growing community of cat enthusiasts, share your joy, challenges, and be a part of our cat-loving family.

Amie warmly shares invaluable advice for current and aspiring cat parents. Drawing from her extensive experience in rescuing and raising cats, she offers practical tips on care, health, nutrition, and behaviour to help you create the best possible environment for your feline friends. This is not just a site for stories but a complete resource for cat lovers at all stages of their journey. Let Amie’s passion and knowledge guide you through your own cat-raising adventure.

experience the lives of some amazing cats…

…some still flourishing, some passing too soon

A Little About Amie

Amie resides in Northern Colorado with her husband of over 30 years. She enjoys the company of her three kids (including identical twins), many cats and occasional other pets like frogs and dogs. Professionally, Amie is actually “Dr. Sharp”, having earned her Ph.D. in Education. Amie recently retired from her career in education, but helps daily with her husband’s business.

Amie volunteers with various cat clinics, focusing on the spaying, neutering and release of feral cats. Her specialty is to assist the veterinarians with anesthesia. In her line of work, she often comes across batches of kittens that she may foster or adopt.

Fun Cat Facts

Sleepy Heads

Cats sleep for about 13-14 hours a day, and older cats can sleep even longer. This is a genetic trait inherited from their wild ancestors, who would sleep most of the day to conserve energy for hunting.

Landing on Their Feet

Cats have a unique skeletal structure that allows them to always land on their feet, a phenomenon known as the “righting reflex.” This begins to appear when kittens are just 3 weeks old and is fully developed by 7 weeks.

Night Vision

Cats can see clearly in nearly total darkness. This is because their eyes have a layer of cells called tapetum lucidum, which reflect light back through the retina and enhance night vision. This is why their eyes seem to glow in the dark.

Super Sonic Hearing

Cats have very advanced hearing abilities, and they can hear frequencies as high as 64 kHz — compared with humans, who can hear only as high as 20 kHz. They use this super hearing ability to hunt and detect danger.

Whisker Wisdom

Cats’ whiskers are highly sensitive and help them to detect changes in their surroundings, making them fantastic navigators. Whiskers are generally about the same width as a cat’s body, which assists them in determining whether they can fit through a certain space.

Purring Purposes

While cats are known to purr when they’re content, they also purr when they’re distressed or sick. Researchers believe that purring may have a healing effect on the cat’s body, as the frequency of a cat’s purr vibrations is in the range that stimulates tissue regeneration.

Our Guest Comments

Thank you, thank you Amie for sharing your zany world of cats. I’ve learned so much! I’m a better pet owner now in every way possible. I get them, they get me, and every day is more precious than that last.


You’ve converted me from cat-curious to a cat fanatic. After my divorce, my cat was all I had, and I was all he had. Your stories helped me connect with my cat, appreciate everything about him, and to learn how to care for him better. It has enriched both our lives. Keep on writing, and I will keep on reading.


I feel like your cats are my own! Please keep sharing, mentoring and engaging.